A mission that at times seems like Mission Impossible for people with curly hair is to find a natural shampoo that can effectively cleanse the hair without stripping it of its valuable natural oils. Of course, there are lots of new cleansers containing natural ingredients that nourish the hair. But, which ones are the crème de la crème of them all? In this quest for the best natural shampoos to treat your curls, we are here to help. Here are our 10 best curly hair shampoos!

1.     Briogeo Be Gentle, Be Kind Cleansing Shampoo


Ideal for wavy-haired people that need their strands to remain moisturized for as long as possible. This low-foaming shampoo is completely free of sulfates that make the hair dull and dry and free of silicones and parabens that weigh the hair down, making it look flat. The shampoo contains Vitamin B5 and E, which both contribute to healthy hair growth, as well as green tea that makes the hair silkier, among others.

2.     Kinky-Curly Come Clean Moisturizing Shampoo


With no paraben, silicone, sulfate, and glycerin, this shampoo will keep your hair hydrated while saving it (and the scalp) from product buildup issues. It’s a particularly effective formula on wavy hair that tends to get slightly drier and contains purified water, mandarin orange fruit (organic), organic white willow bark, organic marigold flower, organic sea kelp, sea salt, and an all-natural fragrance that will enchant you.

3.     Carol’s Daughter Rosemary Mint Clarifying Sulfate-Free Shampoo


A cleanser that prevents product buildup thanks to the rosemary extract it contains. The peppermint oil and marine extracts make the scalp and hair feel refreshed as they regain their lost natural moisture, making the curls more shiny and tamable!

4.     U R Curly Soya Shampoo


With scalp-soothing ingredients (i.e. tea tree oil, aloe vera and Abyssinian oil) and free of drying alcohol, this gentle cleanser and moisturizer is perfect for waves and curls. The Echinacea and soy protein help make the hair silky and smooth to the touch and soothe the scalp at the same time, preventing breakage.

5.     DevaCurl Low-Poo


A mild lathering cleanser scented with mango and starfruit that moisturizes and gives your curls their playful mood back! It works its magic on all types of curls and is 100% paraben, silicone, and sulfate-free. It cleanses the hair without causing any moisture imbalance and is enriched with rosemary and chamomile extracts that help remove styling products and dirt, leaving the curls sleek and luscious.

6.     ApHogee Curlific! Textured Hair Wash


If your curls need more moisture to maintain their elasticity and form, this shampoo will do the job just fine. You will instantly feel your hair less frizzy and easy to detangle, which is a big deal in humid environments such as the Canadian autumns and winters. Loaded with fruit extracts and leaf juices, you can rest assured your curly or coily locks are in safe hands!

7.     Carol’s Daughter Monoi Repairing Shampoo


For particularly curly hair, a shampoo that contains protective oils is a must-have. Thanks to its creamy formula, this petroleum and mineral oil free cleanser protects your locks thanks to the hibiscus and monoi oil extract and helps repair damaged hair.







8.     EDEN BodyWorks Coconut Shea Cleansing CoWash


A gentle conditioner cream that will add the necessary weight to make your curly hair more manageable. It contains coconut oil and shea butter that promote hair growth and make sure your locks maintain their flirty nature for long!







9.     Karen’s Body Beautiful Delicate Do No Poo Lather Free Hair Wash


For coils and curls that require the maximum amount of moisture (usually very curly hair), this hair wash is perfect. With aloe vera and nettle, it ensures easier detangling and faster repair of coarse hair. It comes both scented (creamy coco mango, lavender vanilla, pomegranate guava, vanilla latte, Egyptian musk, and honey oatmeal) and unscented.







10.  As I Am Cleansing Pudding


Much loved for its revitalizing properties, this cleanser works from the scalp and all the way down to the ends of the hair, providing the required moisture to your curly strands. It contains natural hair products (i.e. saw palmetto blend and phytosterols) to reduce (if not completely eliminate) buildup from the scalp and ensure hair growth. It also works as a soothing scalp treatment while helping rid the scalp of excess sebum.






Quick Note: Don’t try to double upon conditioning treatments to compensate for drying shampoos. It just won’t cut it because different types of curly hair have different demands and requirements for moisture and overall care.

That said, enjoy your healthy looking, super moisturized, gorgeous, silky curls!




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