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The Healthy Curly Hair website is devoted to all the woman, men and children who are seeking accurate information related to curly hair products, services and maintenance tips. At healthycurlyhair.com we are curly heads too:)

All the content published on this website is written by professional curly hair stylists from The Curl Ambassadors Curly Hair Salon who have over 10 years of experience styling, cutting, colouring and maintaining naturally curly hair.

Since naturally curly hair is very different from regular straight hair, different products, styling techniques and maintenance regiments are required in order to maintain it and keep it as healthy as possible.

At healthycurlyhair.com our goal is to provide our readers with scientifically proven information, tips and tricks to maintain their curly hair using the healthiest alternatives available on the market as well as in nature.

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Experienced Curly Hair Stylists

Our content writers are curly heads, with a ton of experience working in a curly hair salon called The Curl Ambassadors.

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Our content writers share the trade secrets with our readers which they have learned over the many years as curly hair stylists and experts.

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All our curly articles are through and take an in-depth look at the healthiest curly hair products, services, tips and industry secrets.

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3 Healthy Ways To Moisturize Dry Curly Hair Managing to moisturize curly hair of any texture properly is a hurdle for many women with naturally curly hair, especially considering that curly hair literally begs for moisture all year round. In humid (or very dry) climates, though, things get even more […]

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10 Best Natural Shampoos For Curly Hair

A mission that at times seems like Mission Impossible for people with curly hair is to find a natural shampoo that can effectively cleanse the hair without stripping it of its valuable natural oils. Of course, there are lots of new cleansers containing natural ingredients that nourish the hair. But, […]

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8 Things To Avoid For Curly Hair

Curls look gorgeous when healthy and well-nourished. But, maintaining their great looks could turn out to be quite daunting, especially if you are a fan of flat irons and chemical treatments, even semi-permanent ones. If you want to do a test to see the truth behind these claims, all you […]

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We simplify the process of  picking the right colour for your curly hair.

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